Losing Touch with Originality

After attending Word Camp KL 2017, something hit me hard, it was an awakening, a roar into the unconscious me that I was oblivion about, I knew so little that I did not know that I was controlled by numbers (my blog stats). That was why I was losing ideas to write incessantly.

…Zekrombryan is the one I am having issues with…

That is from a thread from the wordpress forums. How did I end up here? Me, of course. I created this shitstorm, and now I have to clean up the mess. Let’s start from the very beginning, when I first started blogging.

The prime reason I started blogging  I just wanted to store my writings from now and then, so I was not so gung-ho of a blogger I posted sparsely back then, and there came the exams, work and stuffs of life. I was losing my writing passion to reality.

NO! I said to reality, I put myself into a real test, I challenged myself to post everyday, to write everyday, even if I had to crawl to the keyboard and type, I must do so. I did it, the numbers started to skyrocket. Consistency really did the job. But, blogging is a different ball game compared to writing itself, blogging follows a strict rule of 60:40, interaction:writing consistently.

It was definitely a tough game to play, I told myself, my lazy side, how to exploit the system. At the start, I commented on other people’s blog, interacted, got to know some really good bloggers, then life strike again, I had no time for interaction, my numbers went downhill.

The numbers, meant a lot to me, meant. I was struggling, to study, to work, and to blog at the same time, it was like juggling chainsaws on a unicycle on a thread suspending 500 feet above ground. That drill wore me out as soon as I realised, I did not juggle things well enough, my priorities (study, of course) veered off, I kept doing other things, overwork, or over-write, I lost to reality.

My greed took over, finding the shortest way to keep up my blogging standards. There was these few people in the wordpress community mass liked all my comments, on literally everywhere, everyday I would wake up to tonnes of counterfeit hopes, a bunch of trash notifications of comment likes. I was frustrated. If I can’t beat them, why not join them?

I joined the dark side. (Star Wars pun intended) I started spend lesser amount of time “interacting” with other bloggers by liking their comments, because mass liking other people’s post would trigger wordpress spam system. So, capitalising on this loophole, my views skyrocketed with the minimal effort required.

But, something felt off, there was no interactions on my blog, very few, compared to those ‘giants’. I knew it was off but, since I had no time to do commenting, I rather stick to a plan that works. I spammed, I was being annoying for a couple of months.

Until I realised, I was wrong. I veered off from my motive of starting this blog, I needed to get back on track. I told myself, no more mass liking, no more nonsense. I hope that this will never happen again in the future, I hope that I will stick to writing only when I am busy, not being an annoying asshole who mass likes other people’s comments.

“I like the conversation that you are having.” is a total bullshit excuse when other bloggers confront you with your mass liking comment behaviour, you just wanted the views, ain’t ya? 

I hereby will stop this stupidity, and restore order back into myself.

I’m Sorry.


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