Please… Just… STOP!

Chester Bennington, then Jonghyun, then who? Us.

Why suicide? It is because of us.

Why there will be more? It is because of us once more.

Just stop whatever the fuck you all are posting at social media, let the officials announce that, and enough, no need to spread such kind of negative, contagious virus that will tip off yet another suicide epidemic.

Killing off oneself for whatever reason is just pure stupidity. Just ruminate upon this statement, if life is beating you down, you just pressed the ‘game over’ button on yourself, that would mean you have surrendered, that is not how life works, might as well kill yourself off just before you are born into this world. If you survived this, you are a survival, living life as how it should be lived, simply complicated.

Why give up when you can give in? Although your cards, or even you have no cards in your hands, the very essence of you being here, being dealt with the game of life, your existence means a lot to yourself. Throwing it away is simply a waste.

Every single life is significant, especially to yourself. Only natural death can proclaim your significance, never you.

Let me explain. Before lashing out your fingers at the keyboards to jam me in the comment sections, I will like to say, I am going to touch a gray area of this aspect, this whole impending pandemic. Please use your rationale and read this, I am sorry if you are not with me in this.

They died because of depression. By whom? Us.

This is clear, being at the top, when you get so much of light, you will get the same amount of darkness that overwhelms you from time to time. They succumbed to the darkness that no one could ever understand because we are not them, I would not call them weak, but fighters, or oppressors of the social pressure, the warriors of people themselves who wrought their own doom at eventuality. But, committing suicide is just pure stupidity as stated above.

They committed suicide. Okay fine, let us not talk about them. Let us talk about us, our role in social medias. Mainly Twitter and Facebook, the words orientated platforms where words are used to express one’s feelings. Just let the news media do their jobs, you can also post, but do not share other people’s tweet, making suicide mourning posts viral, this is akin to sending a green light to other people that it is okay to kill yourselves.

Humans are oversensitive to their surroundings. If something happens, just let it happen, having a suicide epidemic at this time would not be a small thing, it might wipe out potentially a quarter of our population, this will be one of the biggest threat, virus that is pictured inside me.

What you can do, is pray. No need to promulgate the pandemic everywhere. Just keep it as down as possible. But, at this time, in my opinion, it is too late to do anything, there will be more and more people committing suicide, just because of a few people, an inevitable domino effect. I just hope that I would not kill myself in time…


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