Finding The Balance

An enigmatic nuanced problem imposed to me since I was thought how to write. Every time I write, I know what I write, but at the same time I let myself go with the flow. However, when I am doing Maths, this flow will be indubitably hindered, my grammar will go to the sink, and the structure of my writing will be straight out of the window.

Why? I do not know. Maybe these two activities, Maths and writing are using different parts of brain, different parts of me. People said that I do these two things as passion at once is absurd, difficult, and bold. It is indeed strenuous keeping up with both important facets of my life.

However, I can not put down either one of my interests, I must persevere. Based on the anime ‘Naruto’, the main character Naruto had undergone a training to concentrate senjutsu chakra and elemental chakra and fuse them together, basically it is akin to looking left and right at the same time. Naruto can do it easily, he cloned himself and mastered that technique. On my side, I can never clone myself, so can I split my personality?

No, I guess those Mathematicians who made it to become writers also did not do so, but I should do more Maths, read more writings, and write more. 24 hours per day, a little too short. No, I am the one who is wrecking myself this chaos of being inept in one aspect to pursue the other. Why not merge both as one?

Same as the Naruto analogy, although his clones are ‘helping’ him to look at both sides at the same time, his clones share his consciousness, what they experience is what Naruto experiences. Maybe I can use this perspective to assist me in building myself into a writer and a Mathematician at the same time.

But, what about sleep, games, my studies, and my work? My studies, inevitable; my work, maybe I can tone down a little; my games, self-discipline is the name; sleep, is needed because my brain keeps forgetting stuffs these past few weeks; writing, every night; reading, morning; Maths, before sleeping.

Problem solved? Not yet. These are just words, actions will be taken, promptly. The thoughts, aspiration in my mind is not impossible, it is I that became the obstacle. I should be aware of it. Time will tell. Persevere.


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