So Far Away…

Snowflakes, -5°C, three layers of heat insulating clothes wreathed around her warmly. Christmas songs chiming everywhere, she sauntered around the big Christmas tree, full of exciting ornaments, ranging from little London soldiers to the gigantic splendid star handing just at the tip of it, merely touching the sky, but the star coruscates the brilliance of Christmas.

It’s been a year. She thought.

28°C, nothing peculiar in this year-long constant weather, he was walking casually with the loneliness that accompanied him ever since he realised its presence. However, the Christmas feel was prominent.

Everyone loves Christmas, the malls were decorated as festive as possible to attract more people in, reindeers, santa, Christmas trees, picturesque ornaments, ginger bread man, and caroling.

Christmas is the time to reconnect, that was the theme of the mall. He stood there, staring blankly at the words that glazed across the giant Christmas tree in the middle of the mall.

It’s been a year. He thought.

An enigmatic pang shot through both of their senses, it was a sharp chill that struck their spine. They darted their glances at their backs respectively.

He felt a sudden frost covered him, she felt a warmth that was familiar; he saw a pristine figure wrapped in thick clothing, she saw a nerdy figure standing in a perplexed manner; they were au courant of one another, a profound yet unfathomable feeling, catching both of them off-guard.

She was bashful, he was energetic yet discouraged. He sprinted across the pathway filled with throngs of peoples, making his way to meet her. She stood in place, doing nothing, dumbfounded.

Her diffident eyes, her elegant stance, her heartbeat, coupled with the shiny snowflakes which dabbed her silky hair, he could feel her. She was resplendent in the moon. He took a few more steps to her.

Their gazes interlocked, an ethereal moment.

Silence portrayed nothingness, their hearts beating in sync, tipping their reality into one, enchanting encounter.

Poof! Everything turned back to normal. He felt the weight in his pockets, he instantly grabbed his phone.

“Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas to you too!” with her usual smiling emoji, her trade-mark, bringing back a reminiscence of joy.

Hesitance hit, momentarily. He stood up, manned up.

“I thought it would be nice to give you a ring…”

She was doubtful, but his act was unprecedented, to both of them.

“I… felt you just now.”

She spoke up.

“I felt you too.” A Christmas miracle. A time to reconnect.


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