Thank you for your generous submissions, I really like your ideas, but I only can get inspired by some, not all. I have chosen three winners for this competition instead of one, (because I want to).

Here are the winners, not according to sequence:

Maybe a Hazardous Mind? – @Dronstad

Good luck for all your goals – I look forward to reading the new writings! Your new insta could be called ‘’ or something – @Jess

you can name your Instagram “this is life blood” or “elevate vitality”. – @thegaldoesitall

For the winners you can drop me a DM at my twitter : @zeckrombryan  or reply the email that I will drop you at your blog’s contact page.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram : @HopeInterrupts (the very first post is up, my very new-born baby, it is still very nascent so please bear with me.)

The intrinsic meaning behind the name is that hope always appears during unexpected times, we can not expect hope, but we only can hope that hope is always there when we need hope. Simple as that.

I hope that I can sustain all the writing that is about to come at my direction.

Thank you so much for your replies! Really fun interacting with you guys!

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