Send Help!

Dear writers, bloggers, people of Maths and Science:


Recently, I read an article citing there were only a handful of reputable people that have an ardent passion in both Maths and writing. To put it in other words, they are novelist / writers and Mathematicians at the same time. 

However, I am facing a major enigmatic problem, I believe the Sciences have proven that writing is more on the ‘art’ side of the mind, but Maths is more on the ‘numbers’ part of the mind. Naturally, this creates a problem, no myriad, but major.

After writing a piece or two, transiting into doing Maths or my studies, I will face a problem, I can not concentrate upon the subject matter. As a matter in fact, I will be tired, and sleep, leaving my study and Maths aside to catch dust. This is true as for vice versa. 

You can say, why not do things at an alternate day phase, if I am writing this, that means, the common suggestions like this did not work, at all. 

I need help, desperately. I want to achieve the best of both worlds, training to become a renowned Mathematician, and to be a writer with a voice in my words. Too greedy, too ambitious, but do-able. 

Where is the balance between Maths and writing? What, when, how, why… 

Please, send help.


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