Start Small. (January Goals)

Start well, progress well, end well. – Mr. Leong

That quote resounded at the back of my head as I jotted down my goals for this month. I should say that December was a exhilarating month, jam-packed with travelling, and exciting works. However, everything must proceed with life, school starts soon, like a few more hours, and the entirety of my life will revert back into the dull slump of banality.

No! I want to take this on another perspective, I want to challenge my limits by starting small. Changing my life by the power of little things.

Before that, let me review my December goals:

Exercise. Run. (I did run at HK, and accidentally sprained my ankle, essentially handicapping the rest of my schedule for the month. Mea culpa.)

Instagram my writings. (Checked. @hopeinterrupts)

Writer’s Block (Hopefully no more of this bullshit.)

Read 5 books. (I have read 1984, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, The Tipping Point, Rage of Angels. Lacking of one. Sad)

Finishing my syllabus (HAHAHAHAHA, What a joke! Silly me, thinking studying and working can co-exist. I have not touch a single thing about academics in December.)

Finished my unfinished work. (Broken Lens (short story))

Step up my game in blogging (No plan, nothing works)

Prep my teachings. (This load has been lifted away by my boss, thank you!)

Be more disciplined. (This is the problem that I want to resolve below)

January Goals

Sleep early.

10 p.m. daily. No excuses anymore.

Wake up early.

5 a.m. will be optimal. Everyday.

Shift my blogging time.

Normally I blog at night, just before I sleep to ‘declutter’ my mind, but it just does not happen, it just made me even energetic. So, I want to blog in the morning.

Do Maths.

1 hour per day, getting back on my old engines.

Read 5 books.

I must.

Increase my reading speed.

My reading speed is quite low which is why I take reading as a chore rather than something enlightening. The more time you spend on reading, the more fatigue you experience, but I want to utilize fully the time I can stay concentrated by increasing my efficacy in my reading speed.

Study my syllabus.

Start early, I do not want to fuck myself up again like last semester.

Instagram my writings.

Every Monday and Friday. Hopefully.


Alternate days. Just recovered from my sprain.

Keep QUIET. Be a listener.

I always speak before my head, so I want to eschew from my asshole behaviour. I read in the books that I am not getting further in my life because I failed to listen. I must listen, control myself from my loose mouth, a disgrace.

Grow my Instagram and Blog.

Read at least 15 posts per day from other bloggers or Instagrammers, and comment on them. I will do this on alternate basis, like one day for Instagram, another for WordPress, and so on.

Write a short story.

Optional. I want to make sure that I am…


This year’s theme from my church is Unstoppable Love.

To be Unstoppable and loving at the same time, I need Your help.

Hopefully I can achieve this month.


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