Anchoring Hope

The sea was roaring with the depths of the lions, unraveling the beasts of the seas, raging through our small boat, a sampan, tearing our hopes apart bit by bit. Rain was pouring down as well as our hopes of getting back to our homes. We were told not to go to the sea due to the harsh weather, but we did not expect it to be that harsh.

Rocking back and forth, battling to stay alive in the middle of the sea. We were beaten by the waves that sent us, our sampan, gasping for the wisp of not breaking. Ravaging was the sea, my heart was trembling, our souls were flung into a dreaded abyss of no return, abject submission.

We did everything we could, including panicking. “We should anchor the sampan.” A small effort, I thought it would do nothing. But, as we threw the anchor into the sea, we had a more stable ground than being battered by the vicious waves. My heart was anchored to the hopes of living, the silver lining was written all over the skies as the rain was stopping.

A counterfeit hope. Storm was approaching. The skies were darker than usual. Thunder and lightning were scattered around us, it was a terrifying sight, flashes blinding our sights from everywhere, waves were relentless in sinking us, frigid, at the brink of our deaths.

We closed our eyes, shutting ourselves out of the odious reality, resting our hopes to Him, anchoring our hopes to Him, hopefully. The stirring of the raging Mother Nature was replaced with a rainbow, we lifted our heads up, letting ourselves bathe in the petrichor of the aftermath, showering ourselves in the ever-glowing sunshine of hope.


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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