Jittering, intimidating, convulsing in grave fear of the apprehension. Trees shrouded me in a mist of the uncertain, the snow on the ground covered my feet in pure coldness. The stale air was tinted with the frigid pang of darkness, almost wanting to devour me in whole. In fact, it has. 

The livid night of danger had yet to spread its full wings. I was heaving for my breath, catching hold of every stinging chilly gulp of air that I could as I was escaping from the depths of its claws. My legs were killing me, If I don… A thunderous ripple teared through the fabric of spacetime itself, deafening me for a few moments.

The impact was not enough to knock me out, but my sense was depleting drastically. Dizziness, nausea, was sent straight into my pulses, making me tripping on my own foot. Snow smudged my face as I promptly got up, Run, telling myself with my life, the gossamer thread of hope suspending me from death itself in its ugliest form.

Run, Ru…. RUN! Adrenaline gushed, tipping me to sprint against my body’s will. BANG! I slammed myself against a tall figure, half the height of the trees in the forest, drooling even in this condition, furry, fiend, never a pleasant sensation to the face. I removed my planted face from his body, I saw its disfigured, disproportionate dark figure towering over me with its malodorous smell to kill stinging the air.

My feet jellied, I fell to the ground, scrambling backwards, moving my feet violently. A huge swipe picked the little me from the ground, I was kicking the air. It was futile, an impossible task for me to execute, to escape. I tried to pry open its claws but nothing happen, my vision was instantly consumed by darkness.


ARGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pure agony.

Bones in my body were obliterated, I was shattered, lacerated, eaten.


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