Just A Mess. JAM!!!

Walao… Jam again… I sighed at the steering wheel, a sea of red lights standing still in the massive clutter of vehicles. Everyone was driving, sitting in their vehicles, waiting for this dread to end so that we can head to our respective destination.

Stuck in a jam for hours is a common thing for Malaysians, especially Friday evenings and Monday mornings, raining will make things worse, but if you stay in town- KL, you are bound to jam every day during the peak hours. This routine, banality of life is odious, horrible, a waste of time.

Our minds are susceptible to drift into a state of other worlds without even giving full attention when driving because solely focusing on driving is very brain draining, thus our minds will seek for distractions to alleviate this dread. Multi-tasking will come into play in most Malaysians when we are stuck in a jam, we tend to drive and use our phones, or pick up something to read, or talk to someone in the vehicle, or sinking into a partial reverie. This is where accidents might happen due to our split attention.

Jam always happens during peak hours due to the deluge number of vehicles on the road. However, if all the vehicles have a perfect sense direction of where it want to go and not changing its course of direction until it has reached its destination, there will be lesser jam. Changing lanes, uncertainty, hesitance, carelessness, recklessness, all these traits are prominent in Malaysian drivers because we thought this road is owned by our father. If we can be clearer of our directions, we may curb this dread.

Shit… motor. I stepped on the brakes as hard as possible to negate a possible accident when I want to change lanes. These thoughts flooded my mind. Stuck in a jam made me think about life, Why do I have to waste time on the road? What can I do to escape all these shit? Are there more to come?

I pondered, ruminated upon my thoughts in jams. Half-consciously taking the wheel, knowing what will happen.

I want to abolish jams. I told myself.


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