Everytime. Every single time. When I have a hunch of doing something that is related to studies or writing or whatever that will benefit me some time in the future, I will get interrupted or rather disrupted by either unprecedented actions or myself.

About myself, I am easily distracted by my phone, that is a major issue that has the panacea inside me. Except, the cure is discipline, and procrastination is my forte. This has to be resolved in another time. In the mean time, I have to live with it, cooperate with it to make sure I am making use of my time to the fullest.

About unprecedented actions, they are “come, let’s go shopping.”, “come, let’s go eat.”, the call by parents after I have done procrastinating or just wasting my day away. It just adds insult to injury, making my day even less productive. I just do not understand why these situations do happen at the precise time, every time.

I will be slugging my way into the car, reluctantly joining my parents to go out or whatever instead of giving my hunch the attention it needed. Realising this cruel reality that will shut off my hunch for almost all the time, I have decided, I told myself, If the call is not important, I will continue with my hunch after my procrastination. 


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