Underwater Chase

The blueness of the vicinity painted the darkness of the depths of the sea with a little glimmer of hope. I was practicing my enhanced breathing mechanisms under the water, testing it out, hoping that the sheer pressure would not crush any of my bones, and my breath would last long enough to endure all of these.

I scanned my surroundings, it was ordinary, the dark blueness of the sea, the salty taste and smell, the seemingly bottomless seabed, but no fishes. That was the only queer thing that happened. As I was swimming up to catch some breaths, I heard a humming sound, not natural, it was mechanical. Knocking out the water, heaving in loads of breaths, catching some of the sun’s flares, I dived straight into my training, resuming my unfinished task at hand.

Hum… The sound was discernible, became distinct. A ball of white yellowish light was caught at the corner of my eye. My heart raced against my ribcage. Is it the government? Or the rebellions? The answer to my question was by realizing there was another ball of light appearing at my sight, it was red. Both of them on me at the same time… I’m screwed. I harnessed all of my energy, dived further down into the depths of the sea. Time to test the limits of me.

I placed myself horizontally downwards, aiming for the untouched seabed, flapping my legs at a greater speed, hoping that my system would not crash due to pressure or their missiles. The balls of lights proliferated, I did not dare to count, but I counted. 20, 10 white, 10 red. Staring maliciously into me, intending to capture me for their own benefits.

Cruising my way further down. Missiles were fired into my direction. They were slow because of the drag of the sea current. I mustered everything that I had, diving further down, hoping the pressure crushed the missiles first, not me. The missile’s speed was catching up to mine, they had made a few adjustments to cope with the drag. I swam even faster, but I was starting to run out of oxygen.

Swallowing some water as a contingent plan, translating the oxygen atoms in H2O into pure oxygen, this technology only could be used once as it was still a prototype. I regained some of my energy, casting it out as streams of paddles, throwing me deeper into the darkness.

As I got into the region where darkness overthrew the blueness of the sea. I kept on swimming, not knowing the perilous improvised missiles that were directed at me. Voom… Voom… I still heard the missiles tailing me from behind, slowly but surely blasting me into smithereens.

I swam, and swam, downwards, and hit the bottom. How long did I swim? How fast? Those were just side questions.



The missiles strike the floor too. Lighting up the area with their explosions, as bright as broad daylight, but none laid a punch into my system. Pushing my system to its limit. I kept swimming, and swimming until I could not hear the humming and droning sounds of the submarines.


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