Dancing in The Shadows

Dagger in my hand, scheming in my head, anxiety in my movements. I flitted across the forest as if the trees were my waves, surfing me through the hurdles fluidly, without any hesitance. The afternoon sun was scorching, but this condition was perfect for carrying out a small assassination in the woods because there were shadows.

The small platoon of two dozen fully armed members would not expect this ambush at this moment of the day, they would be caught off-guard and lost their heads. I was ahead of them, squatting cautiously in the boughs of the trees, concealing myself from their sight, they had no idea whatsoever of my presence.

My foot sprang to life, my plan just started. They were making their ways through the thick forest by their machete, they were suffering, putting to much focus on their task at hand. 24 heads, armed to the teeth. As they proceeded, their formation was spread out, four soldiers were cluttered beneath the shadows of the trees, one was right under me. They were in total oblivion.

Back-flipped down to the mid-air, snapping a few branches, letting a few leaves fall. I deftly swiped my dagger trice with swift cuts, three heads rolled to the ground. Blood splattered everywhere when I cut the third’s neck, my knife and me was brandished with his fresh blood. An uncanny sensation of gush deluged my head, I was more amped up to slaughter.

One of the falling leaves was coated with my doings fell unto that soldier that was right below me just now veered to his back. Snap. A quick, silent death. He was too late. I made my way up to those trees again. 20 more… 15 more… 10 more… All of them died a fast death, they had no idea what was coming, they did not even have time to anticipate my moves. The shadows provided me some time to take them out easily.

My hand and my dagger was drenched in blood, my heart was never tired of slashing off the soldiers’ heads. I was ecstatic, beyond what I was expecting, I was getting over my head and myself, as if the shadows of the forest were engulfing me wholly. But, I am a dancer in the shadows, that was what my commander called me.

I let the shadows control me, completely submitting myself to them, coruscated through the forest, leaving three more heads to be chopped off. The trio still had no idea of what was happening. One of them shouted a command into the air, I slit his throat after his call. As both of them turned to their commander, I was exposed.

Both of their fight-and-flight response kicked in, they aimed their AK-47s at me, pulled their triggers at a snap. I flung myself into the air, releasing my dagger into both of them who were standing in a straight line at my point of view. The dagger pierced through one head to the other, blasting their brains out.

24 down… mission… I sensed a chill approaching me from my back, I rolled over, picked up a knife on the floor, launched it straight into his heart. Did I mi… As I was finishing my thoughts, another hand grabbed me by my legs, I wrung myself free by squashing his bones. Wh… I gave myself to the shadows again, being the dancer in the shadows, I took down another back-up platoon from the back with another dozen of their heads rolling down to the forest’s ground.


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