Perceiving the Inconceivable

My bed was my comfort, for long, but transient. I was able to see things that no one could see, they called me crazy but it was just me, my eyes could perceive the inconceivable, the ghastly apparitions that was nothing to everyone else’s mind or eyes.

The night was deaden by the overhung staleness of the air, I was still rolling around in my bed, something was bugging me, the usual drill of the nights, insomnia. But, this was different, jittery was sent throughout my body, I was quivering from an unknown source of fear. As I pried my eyes open, I saw my own reflection in the mirror, glowing resplendently in the moonlight.

Sitting up, leaning myself against the cold hard wall. It was quiet, all I could hear was my breath, the disgusting sounds that was happening in my mouth created by the secretion of saliva, my heartbeat and darkness. Something’s wrong. My mind went blank after that single thought. I was staring at my own reflection.

Taking a blind look at myself, veering my thoughts into nothingness. I was just sitting there, feeling my rib cage heavy against me, my head started to throb, a migraine feat of pain. Pulsating, I could not react to the pain, I realised that I was pinned to the bed at that particular posture. Nothing was moving, even the flow of air, even my thoughts.

I was frozen in time. An apparition appeared in the mirror, it was conceivable by my eyes but not my mind, its features were blurry, but his presence tilted my sixth sense immensely. I was afraid, but I could not even think. I was stranded in the edge of time where nothing, nothing, moved.

Seeing the blurry apparition gradually making its way into my direction, I was inept of doing anything. Slowly, its apparition was even larger. Four long lacerations were dealt into my shoulders, leaving the warm redness gushing out of my subcutaneous layer, exposing myself to a greater threat, my death.

I still could not move nor think, another similar lash was carved into my thighs, both of them. ARGHHHH! Snapping back into reality, I saw the crimson red reflection from my nails, I was hallucination, they were right, I am crazy. 

No, I’m perfectly alright.


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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