Hair Dressers

Snip. Snip. Snip. There went some of my hair. Snip. Snip. Snip. Another chunk of me scattered unto the ground. Snip. Snip. Snip. Professionally paused her meticulous hands to measure, to look whether that cut was on point or not. I sat there, vision blurred because my spectacles were off during the whole process.

All I could do was to stare into the blurry reflections of me and the hair dresser. My faith was all along in the people who dressed my hair, I did not complain about the nuanced mistakes, nor did I make a fuss of their handiwork, I was satisfied every single time.

Hair dressing is a profession that is niche, but it is quite a fortune to be in this niche. Personally, I do not really enjoy the hair trimming process, but I really relish the times when the hair dressers washes my hair after cutting off a bunch. My parents do question why do I still need to wash my head with so less hair, what a waste of money. But, I enjoy the process.

At this moment, going to a standard hair saloon, a simple cut will be less than RM 20, but if you choose to wash your hair, it will easily shoot up by double. For females, the pricing will be more costly than males because of the amount of hair, and the skill sets required to cut female’s hair are really high.

Think about it, the cost and all those, easily you can nab quite a fortune to your profession. Apart from money, a queer relationship is fostered between you and your hair dresser, in particularly to those who you need to visit once in three months. The ‘queer’ relationship is depicted in how much you can chat with your hair dressers, how much gossip is exchanged in your conversations, how much aspects of you and your hair dressers life is being discussed. Weird, but fond.

I had a few hair dressers in my life, but I do stay put with one for years, not changing to any other people. From getting the sense of security of my hair dresser handling my hair to the point where I just walk in, sit down, and my hair dresser will choose the best style to suit my hair. Every time, works like a charm.

Do you have any particular hair dressers that you are close to? Share your experience down below!

P.S. I really do salute your profession as a hair dresser, willing to dirty your hands to get my hair clean. A bow of honour from me. Bows. Thank you so much for taking care of my hair for years and the years to come!


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