Life Changing Movies

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Enjoy her post!

1). Bruce Almighty- Bruce Almighty is a comedy movie starring Jim Carrey. He is portrayed as a news anchor who is unhappy with his life and blames God for every moment of unhappiness he receives until one day god gives him his power.
Now, I am not much of a religious person but this movie gave me a very important life lesson, that is to always be positive.
Life has it’s ups and downs but a person who believes in themselves and never loses their will to live is the one ho gets through these ups and downs easily. Life is all about failure but a person who is positive is never taken aback by it and wins at life.
2). The Edge of Seventeen- It is by far the most genuine  high school drama I have ever seen. It is not about the mean girls or the football team captain. It is about socially awkward people. I feel like Nadine (lead character) is one of the few fictional character I relate to. I don’t have many friends in school basically because I don’t get them. I am the person who is much more interested in fangirling, politics or sports. I don’t like getting involved with people talking about a girl’s hair or backbiting others. I am usually a loner in school. I am still looking for a perfect person to come in my life just like it did in her’s. I just hope high school gives me one memorable friend.
These are these few of my favourite movies ever and I have watched them a million times already.
Special note- Thank you so much for giving me a chance to write on your blog. I really appreciate it and  I really find your writings awesome. I hope your blog grows to something more bigger and brighter.


A note from me after reading the post:

Thank you for sharing your movies to the people, the readers. Hopefully you can keep on sharing your views for what you see or what you experience to the world. You are welcome.

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  1. I watched the Bruce Almighty and I was amazed by indeed. I would list many movies as my favourites such as Inception (di Caprio), Schindler’s List, The Truman Show (Carey), Scarface etc. Nice post!

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