School Is…

Imagine having to wake up at 6 a.m. everyday, having to do this drill for the whole week, for 5 out of 7 days. Stuck in traffic, just to get to school. It is some sort of discipline practice.

Hustle and bustle, into the class, get to face with teachers that you love, that you dislike, that gives a shit ton of homework, that does not do anything, that teaches you life lessons more than the syllabus, that is your friend, that is a someone that gives you the chance to learn to tolerate with them and to bring up your mentality.

Having to sit for test that might not involve in your adult life; being forced to hand in homework by a date; having your very first of mostly everything- crush, screw-up, kiss, hug, vice, mess, trouble, late; being forced to attend some time-wasting events; having a sentence that changed your life; having to adhere to a set of mundane rules; being pressured by peers in every facet of your life. Phew… That is a lot to take in, but somehow that is how schools operate, shaping the future us in grit and discipline.

However tiring this ‘chore’ is, it is mandatory for most of us, students, to have the limitless endurance and the unstoppable virtues to pull us through the years in school.

“I’m tired.” I do not belong here, I thought. That is when school has given up all the grounds for you to learn, it is time to move on, away from this institution into greater places- marketplace, businesses, university, education, entrepreneurship. If you are still shanghaied in a certain school despite having to have grown out of school because of academics, patience is the last lesson that is being conveyed.

If school really does not provide you with what you need, be what people need. Learn as much as you can, listen more, teach more.

Be more, be unstoppable.


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