Hustling and bustling, two souls intertwined in multiple realities were not bound by fate in this. They lived their respective lives, loved their respective other halves, grew up in their respective manner, completely ignoring the fact that the universe, their universe, was specially built for them by those forbidden patterns hidden by the Creator.

Blame it on the baffling patterns, they must cross with each other, at least once in their entire life. They were still kids, they went to different kindergartens, one was living in Japan, one was living in Malaysia, brought up two sets of culture, two different tongues, two opposing, unknown, impossible match.

She attended the cultural exchange that was in Malaysia, he was one of the station masters. They swapped glances, having a moment where both heartbeats were in sync, sharing the universe in a pump of blood. It was brief, but everything could not hide from the sacred pattern, not even by the fact of chance or quantum theory or whatsoever.

He grew up, went for a trip to Japan with his family, and his lovely wife. They stepped out of the plane, his mind was wandering involuntarily, his vision was drifting astray. She was there, at the boarding point, fixating on her phone. But, both of them crossed, brushed passed each other, creating an elusive sibylline friction between them, their presence.

She broke apart from her phone as he was staring straight into her soul, the inevitable pattern was awaken at that instant. He broke away from his wife, dashed into the crowd to pursue her. She dropped her phone as she was embraced by him. They snuggled into a singularity, neglecting the reality around them, adhering to what called the shots in the universe- them.

What is meant to be together, will somehow or rather find themselves, disregarding how far apart they are in spite of many barriers set up by adversities of life.


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