I was sat at a table, both hands cuffed unto the wooden surface of it, caked with dry blood splattered from nowhere. Regaining consciousness, I skimmed my surroundings, only to be blinded by sheer blackness as if I was blind, am I? I was alarmed. As I opened my mouth to utter words, nothing came out. My muscles refuse to respond. I was in grave fear, impairing all my senses at once.

A ball of light came to life above my head, emitting light into the vicinity. I caught a glimpse to someone that was sitting right opposite to me in the same posture that I was, terrified eyes, unable to move, loose strands of her hair dangled all over her face. As I shifted my sight into the table, I saw her hands were covered with brown thick cloth.

The light was shining intermittently, as quick as my heart rate, it burst into pieces, re-emerging as a candle in the middle of the table. Strings of my heart strangled me hard. An uncanny figure was towering over us, masked and cloaked in darkness, blood thirsty in his jet black eyes, “Choose.” his monotonous voice billowed, spelling even more fear into me.

He shifted his sight to the top. A resplendent glow, a sinister one coruscated from above, it was a gigantic axe, hanging by a thread, literally. A lever appeared in the middle of the wooden table, covered in crimson redness. She was still motionless, as if she was dead, “Choose.” he raised his voice. I was still petrified, fear spilled all over me. I did not know how to react, at all.

“Choose now. “ The voice stifled in an impatient tone. A pang of horrifying chill reverberated into my bones, Save yourself. I saw her mouth moved as I eyed her for help. I did not know that phrase came from me or her. My senses snapped, I forced my arm to slip closer to the lever, gave it a small push.

WHOOOSSHH!!! CHUNK. Fresh redness overflowed out of my body, I was freed from the cuffs, and so as to march straight into death itself.


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