As I applied the glossy red polish on my nails, stroke by stroke, making sure that my fingers were illuminating in polished glow. I walked through my room to my kitchen to pick up my eyeliner, applying lip gloss at the same time by looking through my miniature foldable mirror.

Brushing the gloss side to side by my lips, ensuring they were as luscious as my demeanor, enticing to even myself. I wanted to look beautiful. An incognito apparition was dangling at the top-most of my little mirror, reflecting bluntly a blurry image of the horrific reflection.

I startled after an impulse, shutting my little mirror close, jumping myself to my back to scan through my surroundings. Nothing. It was a hunch. Continued my way to get my eyeliner.

Pausing on an eerie breeze that scraped pass my naked self, I felt insecure. My hands instantaneously touched my face, my make-up has come off, I flipped open the mini mirror, I think… The mirror was tainted with a striking pink, I was flung into a pit of confusion.

Without any time to react, a pink round lips popped through the glossed pink surface of the mirror. As it opened its huge lips, there protruded two sets of bloodied acicular teeth of vampires. I threw the mirror across the kitchen, slamming it into a million pieces, clutching on to whatever that I had in me, fear.

I quivered as a palm of coldness was in between my thighs, petrified. Fear gripped me hard, I could not move at all. The coldness was spreading like a wildfire, I was burning in fear, my physical self was freezing beyond absolute zero at a rapid pace. My attention was pivoted to the levitating mini mirror that I destroyed just now. Emptiness surged me, my vision went nil.


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