At the gloomy hours of the night after a long day, I pushed my stroller across the checkpoint of the station. There was no people in the vicinity, leaving just me, my baby in the stroller, the graffiti, and the overwhelming silence. I was preoccupied with my baby which was why my intuition did not tingle about anything wrong.

The train was approaching in a moment as indicated by the derelict digital screen filled with cracks across it. My baby stopped crying miraculously, only then I realised the silence was eerie, odious, and spine-chilling. The florescent lights were functioning well, the graffiti was normal, the air was stale due to being underground, everything was ordinary, but my system said otherwise.

A pang of insecurity surged my veins as I pushed the stroller closer to the platform of the subway. The big red balloon hanging above the stroller was still, my baby was still very quiet, assuming he was tired then fell asleep. As I scrolled through my phone while waiting for the train, a glimpse of myself caught my eyes.

I kept away my phone, stared deadly into the figure at the opposite platform, which was apparently my reflection. Tjhck. Tjhck. The train was nearing from afar, peeking its headlights from the darkness. I was gravitated by an unknown force unconsciously to push the stroller closer to the platform, almost touching the edge.

Tjhck. Tjhck. Tjck. Tjck. Tjck. The train was few feet away, its headlights were blinding but I could still see clearly about my reflection. I proceeded further into this unconscious act, putting me and my baby at the edge of the yellow line. TJK. TJk. TJK…. My reflection pushed the stroller with all her might, and the train crashed straight into it, popping the red balloon simultaneously.

I snapped out of it, realising I was too pulses before pushing my baby off. I held myself back, but could not caught hold of myself instead. HOONNNKKK!!! My mind swerved into auto-pilot, stepping out of the yellow line, pushing the stroller back from danger. Pooff… UWAHH!!! 


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