It Takes A Lot to Jump

The nights were blaring with red and blue lights, it was freaking noisy, my heart was already impaled with the thought of ending my life by jumping off this edifice, and here came the ‘rescue’- more of a let-down. My head was drifting into a near insane state, yet I waited for the people to take their places, to do their jobs, to make a stance, to shed some light to me, to make an effort, too late.

No, if I am really determined, I would not have waited for the forces to come and have a chance to save me. I stood, with my heads up, ready to take the plunge, “WAIT!” I obeyed in curiousity as my mind wanted to know how this would progress, playing possum with the forces. “Calm down.” A soothing voice emerged from the crowd.

This sucked. I expected more from the forces, one of my foot was dipping the thin air, “Little child… you have more to come in your life…” the soothing voice was masked in a set of serene demeanor, a young lady, in her mid-forties, a motherly figure. A look into her eyes was my mistake, I paused momentarily, hoping to see what she could whip out from her sleeves. Her surroundings were the forces, stern faces, just executing their responsibilities just as it, but hers ardour for her job was distinct, prominent, serious, It would be a shame if I gave her hope and she gets screwed by my one simple move. The thought slammed into my mind.

She came closer to me, my other foot was closer to the edge than never before, I was just merely balancing my life between the gates of death with the gossamer silver cord that held my interest into this young motherly figure. “What you are doing now is extremely dangerous…” what a script actress, an A for effort.

 “Jump.” Her lips spilled out, as if she switched characters in just a flick of a finger, “Just fucking jump.” I rubbed my ears for clarity, a chill was sent straight through my spine “Yes, you heard me right, just. Fucking. JUMP!” she turned into a demon in a second.

“I FUCKING DARE YOU END YOUR FUCKING PATHETIC LIFE!” this is not what I expected. A sudden surge of adrenaline kicked in. I was angry, I felt like landing a punch into her sorry face. I got down of the edge, stepping into a safe vicinity, Shit. Two officers sprang into me to hold me down, I struggled, grunted, and a searing prick sunk into my buttocks.

Everything turned blur.


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