Being imprisoned by my phone is not a delighted facet of my life once I have realised it. I was so addicted to my phone that my free times are mostly spent on worthless scrolling time. Never on blogging, never on studying, never on acquiring knowledge despite the Internet is a sea of knowledge.

A wealth of information is a poverty of attention. – FOCUS

I want to use this quote above as a guideline to my further thoughts. It is bona fide that we live in an abundance of information, overwhelming for most of the times. However, we must master the skill of zeroing our focus, making our focus more intense when dealing with whatever situations in life. The more intense our focus is, the more our efficacy is.

Last year, I quitted Facebook for the same reason. But, I was too shallow, I only solved my problem on the surface, at the tip of the iceberg. After some deep thinking and some running and constantly scrolling through my Instagram and watching entertaining Youtube videos, my conscience hit me with another scruple that is to quit Instagram and the ‘fun’ side of Youtube.

I was reluctant in these few weeks, wrestling back and forth with my brain. This is obviously for the greater good. I can cut down my time on Instagram and Youtube and focus more on my studies. Isn’t that great? The sensible me questioned.

Then, how about my writing Instagram account? How about keeping track of my friends’ status and pictures? How about the alternative source of keeping track of someone whom I admire? How about my communication with anyone who wants to contact me? The realistic, reward-seeking me rebutted.

Just think about it. What is life without Instagram and Youtube?

It is unimaginable. The first few days of my resolution was unbearable, my feelings were deluge with anxiety and the urge to check my phone, but just to look at nothing as I had deleted both of the apps away from my phone. My hand got itchy, I slipped to my laptop, and watched the ‘entertaining’ videos that are no plus to my knowledge, just some random Youtuber talking to the camera.

Do not get me wrong, Youtube is a very good platform for everyone. But, I binged upon it, which is why I need to pull the brakes on my own actions. Binging on anything is never a good thing, especially something that is so addictive.

What if I binge on studying? What if I binge on acquiring knowledge? What if I binge on harnessing wisdom? What if I binge on reading books? What if I binge on exercising? Ain’t that going to help me a lot? The sensible me hit the realistic me with a pack of punches.

P.S. Hopefully my resolution is strong enough to resist the temptations present.

What do you think of my move? Is it stupid or wise? How many hours do you spend on these platforms everyday on average? What is your stand on my move? Leave your comments down below!


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18 thoughts on “STOP! JUST, STOP!

  1. This post was so intriguing. Your words just pull my mind in, it’s crazy. I relate to this so so much. I could never spend much time on my phone, I actually lost mine around Christmas. Not having a phone to connect myself with all the outside drama and stress has been a relief. At first, I was, of course, angry and stressed without it. But, the longer I’ve been without a phone, the happier I’ve become. I’m spending that time learning and starting blogs and making art. Life has so much more to offer! ❤ Love your posts. Keep writing, we need more souls like yours.

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