The hall was filled with children, the febrile atmosphere, consuming everyone into a ride of excitement. I was assigned to play the slideshow after the speech was done. As the prompt was given to me, I clicked the mouse nonchalantly, having the simple faith that everything would turn up well. But, the screen only showed a sea of pixelated blue, the vicinity was filled up with an awkward silence.

My heart was beating twice as fast, I frantically jabbed the keyboard and mouse, hoping something to work. As my efforts went to vain, the assistance came to look at the problem, they did the same thing as I did, I told them it was no use, and finally we called the IT guy despite having the speaker to be in such an awkward situation.

Tick tocked. The IT guy rushed to the scene, the speaker handled the crowd of children in an acumen swoop, he continued to maintain the condition while we were having our hands full with technical issues. “What’s the problem?” the IT guy asked deliberately.

“The scree…” As I was completing my sentence, the IT guy scanned the surroundings, detected the problem, solved it with a bent of his body. He went to the back of the computer, plugged in the loosened plug from behind which was connected to the projector.

He got up, walked into our direction, he nodded to me with a smile, uttering the word- done, as if he had encountered this situation a handful of times. I thanked him. The stupidity, idiotic me was slapped indirectly by his deliberate smile, I wanted to smack myself so hard to make me realise how stupid I was in finding the solution that was laid right under my nose, literally.

Sometimes, you just need to plug in, to gain the unstoppable power that you needed for life, and everything.


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