Given life into this world peeled from daylight, I saw a sea of stars weaved across the skies, not knowing that my span here was transient. I simply relish the way that I was brought into this world, shrouded in moonlight, trees, humid night air, and a million stars overhung above my vision.

As I sipped in the first breath of nature, there were streams of flowing river meandered around the trees. A wooden structure appeared floating on the river, there were three shadows on it. I spread my wings, shook my body as if it was innate in me, my bottom lit up with a yellowish-orange light to help me navigate my vision.

I was inquisitive, I flew to their direction. Curious to have a look at what were those. Little did I knew, they spelled doom, a premonition suppressed by my stimulating desire. I zipped passed the trees.

Seeing them in my light, I approached them at a closer range, almost touching them. They were awestruck by the beauty of Mother Nature as more of my kind started to swarm them. Their eyes were glaring at us, they were still.

But, at an instant, two giant palms clasped against me, I had no time to flee. Clap. I was clammed in between the subcutaneous layer drenched with sweat. My wings were useless, I laid down on the uncanny surface. I was lifted up, bagged up in a red plastic.

I could not break free from this prison, this was not what I wanted to happen. This was unprecedented. My attempts to fly out was to no avail. I was brought to a city of lights once I left the forest, shining brighter than my bottom.

Breathed, it was stale, arid, malodorous. I started to suffocate.

Everything whited out.

My reality was blemished with whiteness.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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