The Going Gets Hard. (February Goals)

January was a month where studies hit me an off-side, and drastic changes started to take flight in that month. I set goals that were not suited to the direction that I was heading in January, and here I am going to rectify them.

Recently, I quitted Instagram and written a post about why do I do that- for the greater good obviously. However, I shifted that part of entertainment into gaming, quite intense gaming, those 5v5 games which required more concentration and focus than just scrolling mindlessly through my Instagram feed.

Let us review about last month’s goals:

Sleep early. Yes! I finally did it, a whopping 80 percent success rate.

Wake up early. Another yes! But, it can be improved.

Shift my blogging time. Here am I, still blogging at night, but a few hours earlier than my routine. Not achieved.

Do Maths. Still dissatisfied about my progress.

Read 5 books. I did 2 only, what a disgrace.

Increase my reading speed. Unnecessary, a wrong goal set.

Study my syllabus. Little, but still not enough.

Instagram my writings. Another wrong goal.

Run. Not alternate, but I did three times per week.

Keep quiet. Merely, but a stark improvement from zero.

Grow my Instagram and blog. Unnecessary for the first bit, but not so impressive for the second one.

Write a short story. I slacked.

Be disciplined. Nope.

February Goals.

Early to Bed and Early to Rise.

Sleep at 1030, wake up at 0430, and be productive once I woke up.

Finish Up My Travel Post to HK.

It is coming, just wait…!


Four times per week.


5 books, no questions. Perhaps two newspapers per week.

Be Ahead in studying.

I want to break free from being spoon-fed as soon as possible, I need to force myself to do so, I must, or else I will be screwed royally when I am in universities.

Do Maths!

One hour daily, at least.

Limit my gaming time.

Three games per day.

Write a short story.

This time is for real, be ready!

Comment more!

Interact more with other bloggers!


Be disciplined!

Hopefully this month will be the month that I can finally set things right.

What are your goals for this month? Leave your comment down below or you can pingback your post to this post, and I will definitely go and check it out! Thank you so much!


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