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How do I tell you?
Sometimes I sit and wonder.
Every time I try,
Somehow I always blunder.

How do I tell you?
I think to myself,
That I love the angles of your face,
The slope of your neck,
The way you walk with grace.

How do I tell you?
I’d whisper,
During quiet moments to myself,
When you catch my gaze,
And the whole world fades.

How do I tell you?
I’d mutter,
As I envision kissing your hand over the gearshift,
Laughing as you mumble your love into my shoulder.

How do I tell you?
I’d say,
When my friends ask me why I have not,
They look at me with understanding and nods,
It’s not like they would know, anyway.

How do I tell you?
I’d repeat,
Nestled in my cocoon of a bed,
When my thoughts take flight,
Plagued by dreams of you all night.

How do I tell you?
I sigh,
Maybe one day,
I will.

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