In A Flash

I breathed. I cried. I gasped for the air of life, instantly enrolling myself a death warrant. Little did I knew about death at this nascent stage of my progress. Wreathed in the warmth of the affection of my parents, normal was my life.

Learned to crawl, to utter my first words, to take my first steps. I ran, and fell, but still got up. It was easy, I did not knew what was giving up, nothing stopped me when I was here, reality had not hit me hard yet. My simplistic innocent mind thrived.

The marathon started as soon as I took the first breath of life, I started to experience more of what life could give me- the good and the bad, and had the time to mull over my hopes and dreams. I was running, sprinting, taking flight into an uncharted, undulated path of life.

My breath was getting caught, I pulled my brakes, stopped occasionally to take some breaths. Distractions was apparent to my run, they were flashy, colourful and attractive. Stopping became a norm to me even when I reached a certain milestone. That was when I slowed down because I knew too much about what life can offer and how comfort felt so good.

A storm was brewing in front of me, I was slacking, not focused to put in the effort that I was supposed to. The first lightning struck just in front of me, the second and the third nearly brushed passed me. I was still standing, rooted at my usual position, not willing to move because there were storms, The back looks calm and soothing. I thought, I walked back without thinking twice.

The storm kept chasing me back, almost pushing me back to where I started. CLAP! The vociferous storm struck its most vicious roar, sending me beyond the point of no return. I stood up, my hopes and dreams were just a facade of nothingness. I was chasing, nothing.

Dejection, abomination deluged me. I was sinking. I could not swim.

A raft appeared out of nowhere, there was an opportunity, an offer- to work, to survive and to live the normal life. Many people was doing so.

I followed suit.

At the end of my death bed. As I looked back into my life, there was nothing to recall, only work akin to running on a treadmill in a marathon. I was consumed by banality. What a fool am I… 


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