I was laying down on my bed, scrolling endless through my phone, waiting for time to pass. My conscience was defeated by the banality of life, I became tired of life. The battle with myself was great, I was consumed by the devils of the dark. However, a revival, a teeny-tiny voice sprout inside me.

If I can’t stop them, why not just make peace with them? I told myself, a week past, entering the second, I was at my most unproductive phase of life. Doing nothing was literally the main equation of my recent days. The lifeless days led me into living more of those days, I was contended, yet the little voice started to ring, reverberate, almost.

Just as the voice reached its nascent stage, my lifeless life overshadowed me, I was thrown back into stage zero where nothingness was my everything. My mind was simply be in the comfort zone of this phase of my life. I want a break free, but my mentality is feeble.

I watched motivational videos, attended churches, run, read. None of those could veer me out of the claws of the devil, I could not regain myself back, self-control was thrown out of the window utterly. Never would I thought of saving myself, I am weak.

“Do something.” a small voice, but filled with grit rang inside me. I tell myself, beaten up by the dread of life, Why…? I’m tired…



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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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