What Is Love?

There was two men- friends, one was heeding for advice, one was the listener. The man began to share, “I had fell in love three times in my life.” the listener nodded his head, paying close attention, “But, none of them become the love of my life.” the man’s voice had a melancholy tinge, depressed, and convoluted by the intrinsic meaning of love.

The man cleared his throat and continued, “My first love was during my high school days. I still remember her name, her features, her personality, eventually her everything. Everyday, I will keep track of what she does, where she goes, her classes and essentially her house. I knew her details like the back of my palm.” the man paused melodramatically, “But, I never had a single word with her.” the listener lifted his brows, shocked, a little. “Not…”

“Wait. What?” the listener interjected. “This is not love, this is obsession.” the man was bewildered, the word struck hard, it was as if the man had cleared the fog in his mind about that episode of his life, “Or maybe you could say it is a mere puppy love.”

The man was in assent, he gulped, “My second one was during my working days, she was stunning, gorgeous and an iron woman. I had the privilege to work under her, and get to go out with her occasionally. She was absolutely the best woman- a wonder woman. However, we did not work out in either way. Why?”

“Because you are just simply attracted to her.” the man was scratching his head, as if the listener was contradicting his savvy for love, “To put it in other words, you are just her admirer. You feel like you are in love with her but in reality you are just awestruck by the fact that she could be more than your imaginations.” That settled the knot in the man’s heart.

“The previous and most recent one was a waitress that I met on a cruise. This time I had the textbook feelings when one is in love, the butterfly in the stomach thing. We had great times on the cruise, we were having fun, chit-chatting along the way, and I find the comfort, the satisfaction to untangle the churn in my stomach.” the man was passionate, almost confident, “However, we did not make ends meet neither. What is wrong?”

“Probably you are just sea sick.” the flaw in his experience clearly portrayed that.

The man was obstinate with this particular case, “But, you know, love is blind. It can happen anywhere, anytime, and anyhow. Do not take her status into account.”

“Come on, I know you for years, you have sea-sickness. Remember that time when we had a class trip in the primary and you threw up in the sea?” the man went silent. “Love is not a feeling. Love is an action, essentially a command.”

“To love someone, agape love is the most powerful form of love that can be given. Nothing else matter when you love someone in an agape manner, because the other half will be your everything.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 


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