Feedback Loop From Hell

Have you ever feel that you are worrying about worrying about what is going to happen? Have you ever feel that you are nervous about being nervous before going on stage? Have you ever feel that you are guilty about being guilty after you have done something wrong? Do not deny it, this is called the perennial feedback loop from hell.

We are humans, and we overthink almost every single time. Our brain just like to think about the events and mess with our feelings, we are just programmed to do so. Therefore, if we are consumed by this abominable loop, we might not realise it at first, but eventually you will feel a slight discomfort- like something is off, the brief conscience of your feelings, you must seize it, and stop thinking about it.

If we are mired in this odious loop, we are going to be led to dire straits because most of ourselves are immersed in thinking about ‘us’ instead of the events or situations at hand, veering ourselves off tangent to be over-committed to thinking about ‘us’. It is primordial for us to care about ‘us’, but if we do not have the carte blanche over our thinking, our system will go auto-pilot and drive us into ‘self-indulgence’- which is very, very bad.

“Don’t think so much.” This is the panacea to this problem. There is a Chinese adage that goes- 船到桥头自然直, (When a boat reaches the dock, it will straighten out eventually), depicts that everything that happens will eventually untangle itself. Therefore, it will be superfluous if we put in unnecessary feelings into everything we encounter.

Worrying, being anxious, feeling guilty, they are part and parcel of life. However, if we can negate ourselves from feeling these feelings, we can save up a huge chunk of our time and energy to invest in the more important things at hand, for instance resolving your mistake rather than feeling guilty about it.

Why do you need to feel anxious when you go on stage to give a speech? Isn’t this a golden opportunity for you to give it a go? Why do you need to worry about what people is going to think about you? Isn’t gaining the experience and exercising your speaking skills the main objective? Why do you need to think so much about your speech the night before until you cannot fall asleep? Isn’t rest the more important thing to do than to be thinking?

Easy to be said than done, I have stated the obvious as above, it is up to you to surmount your mind, to maneuver it in the necessary course of action in order to nullify wastage of our precious resources. To further solidify my stand, we are going to die someday, why waste our days on such insignificant, small, small things in life? Ain’t you got something else more important to use your resources on?


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