Do You Know?

Do you know? A whisper slipped into my ear, jolted me alive, perceiving a multitude of colours brought to me in a reverie. I pinched myself at the thigh, realising that my bed was gone, I was sitting on my bare bottom. The world was spiralling before my eyes, a distorted presence was detected by my intuition.

As I got up to gain my balance, an immeasurable force pushed me back, the skies coruscated into stars blinking back and forth. I was being thrown into something, my innards were acting weird, the uncanny twist inside me. Regaining the control over my body, Do you know? The same voice called me again.

Flustered, flabbergasted, I gnawed my teeth, pried my eyes open just to see a pitch black field across me. It turned cold almost instantaneously, my bare skin was exposed. Do you… “Know what!?” I blasted my sound back to the nonentity. Settled down by the sudden calmness, I was sitting in a meditating posture.

Breathed in. Breathed out. Tangible, vulnerable. I replayed the sound inside my head, It was my voice? In a vague realisation, What do I know? I sat myself up in a confused manner. I must be missing out on something here…

A blinding light tore my view of reality apart. I felt the bed under me still present.

0800. I’m late.


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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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