Solitary, wrapped in the moon light in the vicinity of a dilapidated wooden house, sat immensely focused on my breathing, my thoughts and feeling the softness of the kimono with my katana laying next to me. Visualising my fore-coming battles in my mind as victory takes place in the mind first before in the reality.

Simulating my opponent, the fearless warrior from the most renowned tribe who had more sense to kill rather than to defeat their foes. I was standing in the middle of the dark, I failed to set the vision in my brain because I had run this practice for a few million times in the past month, there was only one outcome- bloodshed, mine.

I was drenched in sweat, thinking that my opponent was too strong for me to handle. Fear engulfed me utterly, I had no foot stance in reality or in my mind, defeated by the sheer threat that the warrior emitted.

Sweeping away the fail trials in my mind, I pulled out my katana from my side, slashed it midair, tearing everything in front of me in a metre’s radius into half. A thought came into my mind, but a void from the ground devoured me. Darkness overwhelmed me femtoseconds after the thought took form from thin air.

Free falling into the nothingness, I was once again defeat by the fear. Shaking my very soul into non-existence. I had a battle with the warrior before, I was knocked out because of my carelessness and my over-inflated ego challenged him to another battle that was tomorrow.

After the set-back, I regained my stand on my over-inflated ego and my carelessness, amending and suppressing them into nothingness. The inner fight was more difficult than the actual one. Consumed by fear and myself, I hoped that everything would be alright.

Heaving in a deep breath, I pried open my eyes, grabbed my katana beside me, slashed into the thin air once more. Lacerating across the pang of sense to kill stalled in the air. PANG! My shot was deflected, I pranced myself into his direction with my mind. He danced with me in the concerto of our katanas.

Bring it. I’m ready.


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