Marching into The Valley of Change. (March Goals)

Being a complete failure last month, and even had a period where I became too lazy and stopped blogging for two weeks. It was a fucking disgrace. The change that I brought into my life had landed a negative impact on my life, the gaming life and once I was dragged into the pits of gaming, I was unable to pull myself out. What a blunder!

I do not want to review last month’s goals because:

I did not slept early neither woke up early, I had stayed up as late as possible indulging myself in inane Youtube videos and pure gaming, killing myself and my future.

I did not finish up any of my planned blog posts. I even had a two weeks breakdown in blogging where I did not post anything.

I did not even finish a single book, I did not study, I did not run, I did not do Maths. I was fucking lazy and always being on my phone either on mindless Twitter scrolling, intense gaming or wasting time on useless replays on Youtube.

I did not discipline myself, at all.

After this episode of the downfalls of my life, I have decided to give it one more push to change it to a better one. Life is like this, pushing me passing the brink of breaking where my life had reached a stage where I felt that it was rather meaningless. Hopefully, I am able to endure and change myself in order to the ominous and prominent threat killing me slowly, day by day.

March Goals

Stop eating fast foods.

It may seem incoherent to my current situation, but I was taking in too much McDs in a week and I should stop that.

Early to bed and early to rise.

It was tiring staying up late, but I must resist the phone temptation and gain more sleep in the process.


Twice or more per week, I just had a 3-day streak and I was forced to take a break because my right foot was swollen.


Must be 5 books. And more.

Re-purpose, re-think about my priorities.

Since the feeling of dejection is overwhelming, I want to re-configure my mindset in order to prevent more negativity from coming in or else depression will be my next opponent and I surely do not want to face this type of predicament.


Be disciplined.

Stop using my phone.

I just hope that this episode of being the worst of me can be surmounted by me. This is the test of my strength to resist the temptation to be on my phone rather than on better things- like reading and studying. Hopefully, I can change for the betterment of myself.

What are your goals this month? If you have any tips in curbing phone addiction, please leave a comment down below! Most of us are on the same boat of addiction, if you have any valuable tips to counter addiction, the readers will be most pleased. Thank you for reading my post.


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