Killing Time

Waking up early on Saturdays, went to work. Played some games during the free times, just to avoid picking up a book to read, or to even write something that was planned long ago. I just liked to waste my time on superfluous matters.

After finishing up my work, headed home. Making detours here and there, just to avoid picking up a book to read at home, again.

Reached home. Slept for two hours down, giving myself the excuse that I needed this rest due to the stressful “schooling” weekdays. Waking up after that, Youtube, Twitter, and gaming became my second world. Three hours gone, just to avoid my contact with books and knowledge. My mind just wanted to take a leave. But, time was not on my hands.

I had incomplete assignments, impending finals, unfinished work and yet I was still slacking around just to hide away from the crude reality of needing to put in a certain amount of hard work and dedication.

I felt bad. But, I managed to convince myself that was not the case. I was just a fucking lazy pig that wanted everything without even putting in a single ounce of effort and thinking that I knew everything that is on the face of the Earth.

After dinner, resuming on gaming, Youtube and Twitter. Zipping back and forth, in the purpose of getting quick gratification and to avoid labour that would take a longer time to reap.

Back and forth, through and fro. Wasting, killing the whole day in front of my eyes with my bare hands. How did I feel? Nothing. Just nothing.


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