Bank Heist

BANG! The glass shattered all around the vicinity, “ALL HANDS IN THE AIR!” Involuntarily, everyone followed suit. This sentence was the least and most not expected to be heard. My heart went a million miles per hour, in fear. There were five men, armed to the teeth in black hoodies, slinging long black AKs around them.

They shuffled through the counter, leaving two of their subordinates to look after the aghast people in the bank. “DON’T FUCKING MOVE!” Tat! Tat! Tat! They fired a few shots into the ceiling. Resounded with the shrills of fear from the people, I was wondering where was the security.

“FOLLOW OUR FUCKING INSTRUCTIONS!” They threw the securities’ head and the dismantled CCTVs into our direction. Ruthless, merciless, diabolical. “Faster!” The guys at the counter shouted to them, sweeping in as much money possible into their bags. I was petrified, terrified. Everything happened too fast, my mind could not comprehend the speed of the incident.

My instinct inched my body bit by bit to the pillar next to me. BANG! “WHAT DID I JUST FUCKING SAY?” the man fired few more rounds into the air, “DON’T FUCKING MOVE!” my body froze at the very moment.

“YOU!” I was trembling, my hands started to lower down, “YES! IN THE BLUE FUCKING SUIT! PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!” Blood was gushing through my veins, as if he was going to shoot me. He marched closer to me, with the gunpoint narrowing into my skull.

“Cops.” One of them cited, they deftly packed up ten bags fully filled with greens. Escaping through the back door, zipping away with the free cash, leaving us with a terror for our lives, an indelible trauma pock-marking our futures.


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