Gently tapping the brakes, releasing it, pressing it, stuck in this perennial loop of traffic jam. I was sighing into the air, letting the bustling of engines, the din of the hubbub and the background music played across my mind. Everything seemed irritating, more of annoying. The air-conditioned air was stale, the atmosphere was bland, the banal.

I decided not to use my phone today, I wound down the windows, letting the polluted congested gas pass into the vicinity of my car. My eyes were blurry, I started to see cars floating, or doubling up. The colours turned vivid, not dull anymore. It became bright, a stark difference compared to the deadpan banality.

The ground started to rock, in a consistent beat. Tearing the tarred road into jutted pieces, I leapt out of the window, jumped as high as I could, leaving the atmosphere, entering a new realm of wonders. I was standing tall, no cars, no cities, just grass and hills and queer creatures roaming freely about.

There were moons and suns swirling above my head, coloured with the aurora beam from the Arctics. The air was fresh, breathing anew, rejuvenated. I was watching the creatures frolicking around, relishing their reality of comfort.

HONK! I snapped from my reverie, sinking back into the harsh reality, kicking some more pills into my system, negating the hallucinations from overtaking my life. I sunk into the driver’s wheel, slowly, navigating my way back home. A resting place for me to repeat the whole shit, again and again, again and again.


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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