What Am I Doing?

Taking everything for granted.

I was still the same old me,
Wanting to avoid
As many problems
As possible,
Never wanting to face them,
Man to man.

I’d rather hide around,
Go around,
Wrong word, it should be

I just can’t stop
Distracting myself
From my main objective.

Do I really have
A main objective?

What the fuck am I doing?
Why the fuck am I still here?
Is it just to suffer?
I doubt so,
My mind, but not my soul.
I’m dying,
From the inside out.

It fucking hurts.
My head fucking hurts!!!

Fuck me.
I’m fucking tired.
God, Please.
Please save this wretched soul,
Shed your amazing grace to me,
To us, 
To the people.
To Your people,
Who are traversing the adversaries in life,
Give them strength,
Give them power,
Give them wisdom,
Give them your agape love,
Let them learn to love like You do.

Do help,
They are part of our efforts.

Just please,
I am done with all
This shit.

Let me just pull this off,
Then I’m fucking done.
Let’s get this shit done,
Once and for all.

Just give it my all,
Break my fucking limit,
The right limit.

I can do this.


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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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