Inner Battle

It’s March, a quarter of the year has gone, and I have deteriorated from bad to worse, and from worse to worst in a matter of a month. I have been neglecting sleep, studies, and devoted my life into indulging into non-existential stuffs, such as doing nothing, browsing mindlessly through Youtube and other social platforms.

I need to stop, I have to, I must. My blogging content have been revolving these bunch of shits for these couple of posts, and I must say, I should be ashamed of myself of being a disgrace to my readers where I do not have self-control / discipline over my life, rather letting the aspects of life to take over my life. 

Change, it must be done. I hate myself for being such a useless bleak, and I must put in effort to correct my mistakes, to right my wrongs, to be the betterment of myself. To a shocking, not so, realisation, procrastination, laziness, and everything negative overall, is bad for me. (What a stupid and obvious truth!) 

I will have to put a stop to all these bullshit, and revert back to what I planned for my self-enrichment- reading, exercising regularly, sleeping early. A comparison between both very different lifestyles, the bad one is easy to be done but I feel bad and stupid for doing so, the good one is difficult to do, requires limitless endurance and I feel good for doing so.

My body will choose the bad one for sure, but I must insist on getting the good one for sure. After a day of major illness, where the virus hit me hard, until I barely can crawl out of my bed, I have decided. The good life, I must pursue; the bad one is for the weak. What is life when you do not put in effort to get a good one?


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