Like A Moth

I was flying, aimlessly in the night skies filled with the starry glamours. I did not know what was up there, it was way beyond my reach, tried and tested, like a fool. Shiny objects, especially glaring ones, did capture most of my attention.

The night air was chilly, accompanied with a soothing breeze, not hindering my flight. Flapping my wings, propelling myself upwards and towards a direction that was uncharted. From the woods of greenery to the dusty grounds where nothing roamed, I thought something would happen, but it was all but dust.

Swirling back and forth, circling for something exciting to appear from nowhere, I was in accordion with the emptiness of the night. A resplendent glow coruscated at the corner of my eyes, I saw something bright, and shiny.

Flying into the direction was my first impulse, a strong one, an exciting rush gushed through my little flappy existence. I dashed into the light with extreme might, pushing myself close enough to watch it, the dazzling glow, as if the ball of fire hanging in the skies every morning just materialised in front of me.

I kept my insatiable thirst to go near it down, but it was insuppressible, wild, almost barbaric. Revealing my other side, the hungry freak that would go for broke to satisfy its desire. Bringing my flight into an acceleration into the ball of light, imagining vivid imagery in my head of my misconception.

The light was getting more radiant by my impulse, I could not hold it anymore. I let myself dive into the ball of light, succumbing to my own primitive desires.

Poof! “Look at the stupid moth!”


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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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