There were countless stars in the dark skies.
I could see patterns, shapes,
Dancing around, even engaging in battles;
But, now,
What I see was just
White glittery stuffs staining the dark skies,
Not even worth my glance anymore.

Conjuring fight scenes, fantasies,
Were a cinch.
Dragons, spaceships, superstructures,
Superpowers, anything that is worth sharing
In my words, in my stories,
Is ever colourful and magnificent;
But, now,
There were just plain nothingness,
Stalling inside my brain…

My brain!
The creative part of it!
Where is it?

I think somewhere went wrong,
Somewhere along my journey
In pursuing higher education,
I have been slacking off at reading.
That’s why I do not have creative bullets to fire.

Or… I think school killed my creativity?
Would it be that case?
Perhaps, but we must look at the situation at whole.
Maybe, both are the main contributing factors.

What if I stopped study…
We are already halfway done,
Why not take this opportunity to
Further your discipline aspect?

No more buts.
Just keep on.
Keep focusing on what matters at hand,
Not your fucking phone.
Just do anything we can,
And take hold of this chance to grow,
To prepare ourselves to take on
“Unsurmountable” mountains.


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