The Art of Pooping.

The act of defecating is done by an individual at least once per day, unless you have diarrhea or constipation. I spent my mornings after washing up in the toilet, letting out the toxins in my body to start the day. If I ate too much throughout the day, I would seek the toilet for another round at night.

As I enter the toilet, I will turn on the tap, shoot the hose to the toilet seat, wetting it. I will let the cool jet stream of water swipe through my ass whenever my shit is coming out. I found it satisfying doing so, and clean at the same time, cleansing my ass from the impurities using water instead of toilet paper.

That is why I found it incredibly unpleasant taking a shit overseas, especially in non-Muslim countries. Malaysia is declared as a Muslim country which is why our toilets are equipped with water hoses. Muslim has this tradition of washing their asses after shitting rather than using toilet paper to wipe the remnants off.

Personally, I find this culture a very hygienic practice, and I even did this since I was a child, even now. I could not comprehend how you people can get away from the toilet seat after wiping your asses. Every now and then, if I was forced to wipe my ass using toilet paper, I will wipe it several times and still found brown stains all over the toilet paper.

The water factor also provides a better process of defecation. Splashing water unto your tummy whenever you are experiencing mere constipation helps in letting the dump out. Even when you are having a hard time to shit, literally, spraying water to your ass helps out the process a lot.

I simply can not stand the sensation of having to wipe my ass using toilet paper, I would rather spray the stream of water into my ass, letting the remnants just flow into the toilet without dirtying my hand and cleansing my ass at the same time.

How do you poop? Do you use water or just toilet paper? Leave your thoughts and comments down below! 


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