Grizzly Magnum

Hiking across the icy mountains right across my backyard, I shivered as I warmed up my body for my daily drill. I could not imagine that I got this far in my training regime, one month in, no slacking, full-blast even in this frigid conditions, giving me more intense sessions of muscle and stamina building.

Pocket knife, phone, bottle, and enough coats to shield the excessive coldness. My body was built for this type of harshness, I got accustomed to it rather quickly, I only needed my track bottoms, a piece of sweater, and my trusty running shoes.

Started my run with a burst of sprint, dashing across the snowy forest in a shift of mind, letting my unconscious self take control and my primal instinct to guide me through the obstacles. Swinging, ducking, leaping, running, it all happened so fast, even I did not have time for top-down thoughts, I thoroughly believed in my skill sets developed this far.

Heart pumping, muscle tightening, ripping through the snowy forest like a breeze. My body was giving up by slowing down, I pushed myself even further. There should be a frozen lake somewhere… I continued dashing, disregarding the pain, the willingness to put a stop to this.

Growl… A low rumble droned, I came to a halt, took a cover behind a tree. “It’s near.” I gasped for air frantically, adrenaline surged in my veins, supplying me with vigilance. Lowering my center of gravity, my eyes darted to the left as the bear noticed my presence almost immediately, “Shit.” I swallowed my breath and broke for a run.

There were branches snapping in the distance, a sweep of gentle violence promulgated through the chilly air, the bear was sprinting after me. I turned my head and focused on fleeing. Tired, but near-death situation kicked me into a faster pace. I could see the frozen lake in a distance, the bear was literally at my tail.

It was quick, and brutal. I flung myself across the slippery surface of the frozen lake, slipped through the surface without friction. The bear followed suit, but it had a firm grasp on ice as if it was chasing me from land, no difference at all. Stopping myself with my pocket knife, I realised that I had no way to sink the bear into the frozen lake because the ice was too thick. There must be another way. 

GRAWLL!!! The bear charged into my direction. I picked myself up, charging into its direction. The bear must be confused. The prey was launching a courageous attack to its predator, a violation of the natural law. I scanned its movements, on its all fours running straight into me, making a snap judgement of gouging out its eyes, one by one.

The bear was nearer than ever, I propelled myself into the air when I was in the contact range of the bear. It released its first strike into the ground, thinking that I could not leave the ground, How naive… I thought. My primal instinct struck, I plunged my pocket knife into its eyes as I was in the air, taking out one of its eyes.

GGGRRAAWWWLLL!!! In pain and in agony, the bear got itself together almost instantaneously. Its giant fangs did a retaliation to the defenseless me, I was sent airborne into the nearest snowy forest with one blow. Blurring out, my head was failing me. GRAWWLL!!! A roar of pride, it was.

I pulled myself together as deftly as possible, thinking that my life was on a thread. A number of my bones broke during the strike, but I got up unscathed to get rid of this formidable beast of the wild. The bear was sprinting across the frozen lake to catch its prey. My view was distorted, I could see multiple images in my head, still recovering from the blow.

GRAWL! A cry of anger. I paced myself away, to formulate something to defeat the bear. There was a humungous tree which was a mile from my vision. Pulling myself up, I started to get my legs moving, the pocket knife was still caked in blood in my hands. RUN! I prompted myself, and everything was autopilot after then.

The bear was getting closer to me as I was to the giant tree. I got hold of myself, spending every ounce of my remaining energy to accelerate myself. Finding the tempo with a bear chasing behind me was not an easy feat, I made sure my footing was firm and steady.

Tap. Tap. Tap. The bear plunged itself straight into the tree whereas I was running upwards of the tree. It was slightly caught off-guard, my leg propelled me into its direction. The bear lifted up its two buffed arms to cover, I was already in the mid-air, I had to do something.

A somersault in the mid-air, the bear was still regaining its consciousness, I hugged the bear from the back of its head where it was uncovered, dived my knife into the other eye. GRRAAWWWLLLL!!! I pushed myself away and got to safety, letting the blind bear leash a rampage to its surroundings.


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