Grunt. Spat some blood out, a blow landed straight into my stomach, set me flying into the wall behind me. My room was dim, my TV just blew its fuse. The figure dealt another ballistic shot, sending me straight down a floor.

Light temporarily blinded my vision, the figure coruscated from above, my hands lifted up to defend myself. As we made contact, I flicked a kick into his direction, attacking him absentmindedly, knocking him free from me.

Regaining my conscience from a millisecond, the figure got back up. I was just having my time playing some games, and this happened. My head still could not wrap around what was happening nor comprehending my current situation.

A lanky man in his thirties, distorted by the static screens that were played after the TV channel shut down for the day, two hands holding the TV controller. I was puzzled about what was happening.

“Get out!” I shouted in a defensive tone, he did not even flinched, even protruding a smirk in his distorted face. “Get… O..u…t…” I went slow motion as he jammed his big fat thumb on the controller. What?

How? I shook my head to make sure I was awake, it was still in slow motion, “I’m here to stop you.” in a high pitched solemn voice. I burst into laughter as his voice was a strict-soprano voice. The slow-mo effect worn out. I saw his finger drifted deftly across the controller and pressed another button.

Grunt. The same effect as the advent of his attack. I coughed out even more blood. I kept my composure, recalling a blurried image of him. His fingers moved again. Grunt. It was him, it might be the fast-forward button. I crawled to my feet, attempting to break for a run. I was nearing the stairs.

“What… do you want…?” I was heaving in pain.

“Just to stop you.” Inching closer to the flights of stairs.

His voice is still… “Get out!” I held back my laughter, and my composure.

“I must stop…” I did not think twice, I swiftly ran upstairs, ignoring all contact with the figure, locking myself back in the room where it all started.

I nonchalantly picked up the gaming console on the floor where I dropped it. Playing around with some of the keys, I got to manipulate my movements that of a street fighter. But, there was a problem, I had to control it single-handed. I had no doubt with my skills.

Click. The door flung open with a violent blast. My fingers reacted quicker than him, my stance was on defense, blocking his vicious blow. Keeping my eyes peered to the combat at hand, I swiftly attacked him with the infamous uppercut combo from street fighter. Knocking him out cold for a few seconds.

I threw him back where him came from, but as his body was about to enter, he hit the stop button. Everything froze in time except his fingers, hitting the rewind button to where the uppercut happened. My fingers reacted faster than his mind, I dealt another kick into his groin, sending him straight back from he came from.


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