Look At The Stars

Dear deskmate:

Yo! I know you are quitting your studies to pursue another form of studies. Perhaps, this was not your choice initially, but since there were pressures from here and there, so here we are for almost a year. In my personal opinion, it is un-wise to quit now, be aware, I’m not saying that it is foolish, just un-wise.

I did have the thoughts to quit too recently, but I weighed the consequences, it is actually wiser for me to leave the school and pursue a career in teaching and entrepreneurship, I will be better off. Personally, I feel that school is definitely limiting what I can do, and what I should be doing. However, my purpose of coming here is not to pursue anything else but just to get a paper and learn to be more disciplined (which I lacked). 

Your decision may be partly due to me, because I am so used to talking about my work in class, and plus your exposure to being at work too contributed you to leave at this point in time. Plus, the pressure from your family which I am not aware of and other factors which I am not clear at all.

One thing for sure is that this place could not bring the best out of you, and I can be the witness of it. You are like a fish trying to climb up a rocky mountain, giving up at any time to search for the waters is very reasonable, for survival and for growth. 

If you are really determined of what you are about to do after this, then go ahead, you have my support. But, if you are not clear about what you what to do after this, please, do not go because you will eventually end up in a spiral again. 

Hopefully this piece of writing can encourage you to do more, to stop complaining, to do whatever you want, to shape your own future. Whatever you choose, I have high hopes in you, better be driving a BMW or owning some properties in your early 20s with the money you get from your IT job or whatever job it should be.

School is definitely tiring and demotivating at times. Life is as such, what can we do about it? Really, take a day off, look at the skies, not anime, seriously think about what your choices and what your plans are.

Your friend,


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

9 thoughts on “Look At The Stars

      1. I remembered I rejected your offer last time, my stand is still the same. Sorry, just try not to use the same approach to ask me, again. Thank you.

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