Fool Me Once, April!

A recovering and a super messed up month for me. After the slump from February, I slightly climbed back to re-positioning my life. But, I single-handedly destroyed a friendship by violating the civic values and my writing etiquette at the same time. I was not in the sane mind at that time, and I definitely regretted my actions which had adverse consequences.

Not only I lose a good writer, but a friend. Nonetheless, once the damage is done, I must play my part in apologizing and to right the wrong by correcting my own attitude for the betterment of my future.

March Check-list:

Stop Eating Fast Foods. I ate twice last month, it was a drop compared to February.

Early to bed, Early to rise. Same old, same old, still staying up until late night doing no shit.

Run. Yes, I ran three times per week. 

Read. Yes, from zero to one. 

Re-purpose and Re-think my priorities. A little. Will put in more effort into it. 

Be disciplined. Stop using my phone. Not an overnight change, but I am changing. 

April Goals

Zero Fast Foods.

Expensive and killing me at the same time, why not just get it out of my life?


No matter you forgive me or not, it is just to make things smooth for the days of working together that are to come.


5 books, same goal, a better determination.


At least 3 times per week, maybe more if possible.

Write a short story.

I got a few ideas in my head. Just need to be more determined to write them down.

Start a Patreon Page.

A far fetched idea, but a side-income for me.

Recruit Another Writer.

Be excited. No plans yet, but I have someone in mind.

Early to bed, Early to rise.

Be more disciplined.


Hopefully I can be more enlightening this month and achieve most of my goals or else all of them. Another hope is to change as a person in whole, to be less of an asshole in people’s eyes, rebuke after running the situation through my thick-headed skull.

What are your goals for this month? Comment them down below! Share your inspiration and motivation with the readers. Thank you so much for your read, hope you do have a fantastic April!


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