How did I get here? Despite of how busy I was, I kept writing, persevered in many ways. However, in the past 100 posts or so, I did not blog, I just kept writing, and solely focusing on writing only. Not building a community around the blog, but just running around in a practice ground for you to see my writings at its worst or at its best.

The future for this blog is very vague, I do not intend to monetise it yet until I finished my Form 6 studies. But, I have plans, very blurry plans for my blog.

A quick update on my life, not very good, but still do-able. I recently brewed up major shitstorms and fuck-ups that inflicted negatively on me, breaking me from inside out, re-shaping me as a human at whole, venturing the bottom-most part of the sinusoidal curve.

Back to my plans, I want to write more short stories with good quality, currently cooking one up right now. Plus, I really do want to reach out to more and more bloggers.

But, there is one thing that is hindering me right now. School. Somehow or rather, school really is draining me out of what I do for my blog, I am generally tired throughout the schooling days, even bringing the wearisome heart to the holidays, making my life in a haphazard mess.

Why don’t you stop school? I had that particular thought, but what is life when there is no challenges. I really need to learn how to manage my life more efficaciously, to put it in a more accurate context, how to make use of most of my time more effectively.

I will put in more effort to reach out to other bloggers, hopefully.

One of the writer’s for my blog is not writing for me anymore due to me being an asshole. It was a giant mess created by me. I am really sorry of my stupid behaviour.

Cutting short from there, be excited for two more writers that I would be recruiting in the future. Hopefully, it would be positive, or else it would be just me and my photographer, or in the end it would be just me. And I am planning to open a Patreon page in the future.

Thank you so much for your support and your time spent with me even half of my work sometimes are really terrible. Hope that I can deliver more than I can at the moment in the future.

Thank you!

P. S. Thank you Kelvin for your stunning pictures again! Please do go and check out his Instagram and give him a follow: @key_to_kye

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