To all Malaysians:

Once every five years, we get to vote to choose our government. Since Malaysia gained independence in 1957, there were no changes in the government, it had been Barisan Nasional (BN) and perhaps their race would continue to the future if Malaysians do not want to change.

General Election 14 (GE 14) has been an interesting run to spectate as a Malaysian who is still underage. It is also very intriguing about the results of the poll and the tricks that BN will pull during the polling season. From my sources, BN had run some ‘ceramah’ (talks) in various locations, handing out cold hard cash and food material to people, ‘encouraging’ them to ‘support’ BN in this run for GE 14.

No matter what your stand is, what I want to voice out as an underage Malaysian is that to vote for a change. Malaysia is in desperate needs for a change, a major one, to overthrow what we know and have for a better future, to be more competent as a nation, to be a better Malaysia.

Do not ever complain if you do not vote because you do not exercise your rights as a Malaysian to choose your government. Do not rant about how bad the new government is going to be if you do not vote because you do not have the rights to complain about your irresponsibility.

Although the voting day falls on a Wednesday, a mid-week crisis, we still have to vote. How small you think your vote is, one vote is powerful enough to topple the stagnant Malaysia or to remain unchanged.

Whatever your excuses might be for not voting, it is just that you do not prioritise Malaysia, breaking the status quo of being a Malaysian. Just take a day or two off, in order to get a long shot in changing the future of Malaysia, you are creating history, isn’t it worth?

Wherever your voting area is, go and vote. It is not a suggestion, it is your responsibility, your rights, and your future.

Vote for change, not for conformity.


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