Getting Slower

The rush, the need for me to complete my job at hand, time was not on my side, I was cramming as much as I could do at a moment. 0900, I stared at the clock in an un-fashioned manner.

I put in my effort, focus and everything that I got into it, 1000, one hour was up. What? I thought… Letting myself continue the unfinished work, sweat was beading down my head.

Another hour, and lunch time. Only I finished my work. It was a routine, but I got slower at it. Why?

I noticed not only in my work, and also my daily life, doing anything, I tend to pause for a few minutes to let my brain ‘free’ for a while. This phenomena happened to me almost a few times in a day, even before I was rushing for an errand, or during lunch, or even casually walking.

Simply fascinated by this particular phenomena, I still had another thing that was going on in me- feeling tired from time to time yet could not sleep at all. These impediments were pesky, deterring me from doing what I should do with utmost efficacy.

I am indeed getting slower, maybe this is just the process of getting old. Feeling tired and slow all the time.

Have you ever had this experience before? Leave it down in the comments below! Thank you.


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