Glassy Skies

Tipping my life on the glassy edifice, a city built in transparency, moulded together by the super-cooled liquid glass, encapsulated with my thoughts and feelings. I measured myself in the palace of crystalline glass, a tiny physical presence but I could sense the subtle ripples of distinct heartbeat.

Pacing myself back and forth in the vicinity, scrutinising every minutiae that I could perceive, not everything, but the totality of everything. There were cracks here and there. Standing in the reflections of me, I combed my hair up back to shape, they followed suit. I peered into one of the reflections, it stared right into my bare soul.

Thump. A skipped beat, losing my balance, tripping unto the glass floor, fracturing it, sending spider webs across the area. The falling impact was minor, but the fragile glass succumbed to it. The horrid face which gave me the odious stare coruscated across my mind, its face was stressed out, filled with tension and ready to burst at any second.

Wait a sec… It was my own reflection. I scared the shit out of myself. Recognising my downfalls led me to this pit of nadir, a broken heart and a lost soul. Grunt. I shook my head out of the faze and daze, redirecting myself back on track.


Gunshot? No, it was the crumbling of the glass palace. I was still inside. My feet broke for a run, my instincts kicked in as soon as the quake hit.

Running for my dear life, just to get to be in the know that I broke my own heart.

Run! Run! RUN! Prompting myself to take flight but I was reluctant to move, I was in the garden of depression, not willing to let go of the thorns that scarred me and the roses that wreathed my nose. RUN! 

“It’s too late.” I uttered as the glass shards impaled me, merging my blood with its beautiful mess. I looked up at the glassy sky, regretting my obstinate decision of being reluctant. Piercing pain became my new entirety, perennial stings from my shattered heart gave me my identity.


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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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